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Frequently asked questions —
Postmaster reemployment as a Postmaster Relief (PMR)

Many people resume work after retirement. The Postal Service needs to fill PMR positions and we want postmasters considering retirement to know that there may be opportunities that will allow them to transition into retirement while providing service on a part time basis to our customers.

Under special provisions with the Office of Personnel Management, annuitants can be reemployed as a PMR without the offset, subject to specific conditions, for a limited duration of 180 days in a calendar year.

The hourly rate for a Postmaster reemployed as a PMR is $11.76 per hour.


No. A retired postmaster may be considered for re-employment in any PMR vacancy, as long as certain conditions are satisfied. Notify your District Manager of Human Resources or Manager of Post Office Operations before you retire if you are interested and if so what offices you would be interested in serving as PMR. (And it's not too late after you retire – just notify the District Manager of HR of your interest.)

No – any retired postal employee may be considered noncompetitively for reemployment to a PMR vacancy without offset, but retiring Postmasters are desirable because of their knowledge, community connection, and ability to provide continuity of service.

Yes. One of the conditions for the offset waiver is that it be used only after normal recruitment activities have failed.

No. There has to be a short break in service from the career appointment.

A PMR hired under the dual compensation waiver cannot work more than 180 days in a calendar year without offset. As you reach your maximum number of days or expiration of appointment, the vacancy must be reposted. You may be eligible for continued reemployment under another authority if no qualified applicants respond.

Contact your District Manager of Human Resources or your Manager of Post Office Operations. Click on the District link for your district for contact information: